Kenya Tourism Board – Consumer Promotion

Green Nights - Kenya meets Italy

An unexpected meeting to stimulate the interest of potential tourists

Department of Tourism of Philippines
17 February 2016
Kenya Tourism Board – Consulting
9 July 2020

Kenya Tourism Board – Consumer Promotion

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A long tour all around Italy to invite Italian people to visit Kenya: Ancona, Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Como, Genoa, Monza, Padua, Parma, Siena, Turin, Trento, Varese, Verona Viareggio, Vicenza.
A land rover crossed the city centers, distributing information about Kenya and invitation for an evening cocktail.

After the sunset selected bars offered, a typical cocktail, while images of Kenya were projected onto the city walls.
In each city, a travel agency took care of sales follow-up, promoting the special offers studied by 9 tour operator partners.

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